Dark (No Dawn)

Ain't No Rapper Safe
Fuck A Subliminal I'ma Say It Your Face
Mumble Rappers Losing
Choke You While You Under Water, Throw Some Auto Tune In
That's Hit Now, Get Down, Get The Club Lit Now
Y'all Sound Like Omelly On Sway, People Bite Down
On The Style, But It Bite Back
I'm A Livewire, Killing Vultures, Better Get Back, Spit Facts
As Long As I'm Breathing, The Wack Won't
I Rap Quotes, Not A Singer, But Believe I'll Stack Notes, Cats Know
I'm A Vet, Easily I Put It Down
I Barely, Emptied A Clip By Now You Woulda Blew A Round
Grew Up Around Settlers As If I Was A Gypsy
Fifth Of A Whisky, Trying To Lynch Me, Like Neo Those Bullets Missed Me
Dodging Depression, Avoid Anxiety, Now We Counting Blessings
When We Used To Count About All The Things We Was Stressing
Now We Moving, Music, Our Bitch Now, We Took The Stress
Said Fuck You Till I'm Paying Off My Friends Student Debts
That's The Way That I Stunt, While Y'all Was Giving A Fuck
I Was Free As A Mason, Lacing Bars, My Heart On My Cuff
My Soul Transcribing My Thoughts, Any Rapper Wanna Talk
Better Take A Number, Trust Me It's Coming Up, I Had Enough
I Feel I'm Made For More Than Gimmick, I Got The Lyrics
That'll Turn The Most Confident Rapper Timid, Yeah He Finished
Yeah I Got Em, I'm Deconstructing Em, P Dot Dudge Will Fuck With Em
The Living Embodiment Of The Joker Toxin
Skills So Good, They Die With A Smile
They Know That Raps In Good Hands, They Death Was Worthwhile


Flow Synonymous, leaving you're fave anonymous
Fucking up all the politics, all this shit, I'm abolishing 
Taking it in my own hands, like Obama, shooting some hollow tips
Right at Trump, smile as the crowds applauding it
A demon that can't be saved by no reverend 
With my bare arms, I'll leave you like Leo in revenant 
Never gave a fuck, can never bless my soul 
To hell I go, to kill Satan, steal this throne 
It's mine now, never been a disciple, more a leader 
This that coloured kofi, joggers on, rocking red adidas 
When'd the game go from people that'd actually rap to some divas 
That are quick to sub tweet you, or subbing you on a feature 
I don't know, I don't know, i don't go, with the flow
Like everyone biting Migos after Drizzy, stole they show
Or jumping onto Control, after K Dot, when it and murdered it
Misinterpreting what he saying, like we ain't heard of it

Mini Me's of Dudgeon In Abundance
Came Here To Show And Prove Not Just Stunting
This The Real Over Here, Fake Ain't Aloud
I Follow You Wack Rappers I'm The Darkest Cloud
I Mark These Clowns For Death, Could Have Pennywise Scared
None Of These Rappers Will Be Prepared
Shout Out To MadGibbs, Mad Villian On His Beat Boy
Sccottish King, Gotta Flip It, Man It's Destroyed

The World Ain't Big Enough For All Of Us
The Look In They Eyes, It's Like They All Know They Fucked
Fuck A Summer, Better Have Your Whole Career Tucked
In, I'm Coming For Blood, Dawg I'm Never Giving Up
Killing Open Mics Is Fun, But There's More To Life
Sick Of Being Doubted, Short Amount Of Time With The Mic
Mainly It's My Own Fault, Gotta Put More Work In
Dedicating Hours, Making Sure The Verse Is Perfect
But No More "Fuck Rap, I Gotta Find A New Path"
I'm Staying On It, Like This Beat, I'm On The Right Track
I Might Black, Out, For Fun, Cutting MC's Power
Cause I Believe Most These MC's Cowards
So Easy, Believe Me, Killing Them Will Please Me
After I Am Done, Nobody Out There Will Succeed Me

The End of the Rainbow

The search for peace leaves me empty handed 
No money in my account, and a whole lotta doubt
Fuck it start rapping 
Start writing, maybe lighting I'll strike
But all these feelings are something that I would normally fight 
Ignore the pain, novacane, od, lose my brain 
Punch a wall, drink again, goddamn I'm going insane FUCK
I got drunk 
And I didn't have fun 
These toxins, keep constantly blocking any happiness near 
On that stage, I hear nothing when the people will cheer 
Dog, I don't deserve it, keep the applause 
Baby girl, runaway, please don't get involved 
You don't want me in your life I promise.. 
And I'm just being honest 
Bright sunny day, but all I get is darkness 
That light slipping away, "this is hard kid 
But it's gonna be okay", that's what they all say 
When I see a knife I see a means to escape 
When I see a bottle, i drink, but it just always stays 
Please just leave me alone

On the hunt for that gold at the end of rainbow
I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to my grave, please bless my soul
Please let me go
Demons, keeping me on the wrong track
I guess I should listened maybe i should just fall back
Say fuck rap, and adapt...

You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You

Fill Up A Cup, Get Out Your Seat
I'm Trying To Make You See Everything You Can Be
The Worlds Bigger Than What You See On The Street
Trust When I Say There's No Shame In Defeat
Every L Is A Lesson
Disguised Blessing, I Passed When I'm Tested
Arrived At What I'm Destined, Survived All Of The Stressing
I Feel A Rush, I'm Rhyming Like I'm In My Final Seconds
Turning My Words To Weapons
Combating Depression, A Jam To Me Is Session
Music My Therapist, And For Years I Wasn't Aware Of It
That Mic, A Tool To Talk To The Youth, My Pain I'm Sharing It
And If You Can Relate, Then Turn It Up
I'm Trying To Touch Your Heart And Soul, Man Fuck The Club
I'm Trying Show You More Than That, Showing You Youre Self Worth
You Want Em To Love You, You Gotta Love Your Self First


Raised As A King, I'm Living Up To It
Give My Heart And My Soul, But Got No Fucks To Give
Try Em, Won't Truimph, Like Trying To Cage A Lion
Only Few Will The Reach The Phase That I'm In
I Drop Real Shit, You Dropped Real Shit
Remember When All My Favourites Used To Always Kill Shit
Was The Kill Switch, For Rapping, But Now They Switched Killing
For Topping Billing, Wasn't Getting That Money, So Revealing
Of Your True Nature

What I Supress, Lead To My Success
Man Fuck Stress, Could Give A Fuck Less
Bout What You Think Of Me
Look At The Game And What It Did To Me
Won't Settle For Minor League Victories
I'm Writing Till I Make History
When They Mention Me, Don't Shit To Me
Unless It's Among Greats, Then It's Hitting Me
That I Made It

They Staring As I Elevate

Please Excuse Me If I'm A Little Cocky
I Get Like It When I Feel No One Can Stop Me
Dreams Mirroring Real Life
There's Something Bout Money And What It Feels Like, That Makes Em Think We Still Tight

Fill Up A Cup, Get Out Your Seat
I'm Trying To Make You See Everything You Can Be
The Worlds Bigger Than What You See On The Street
Trust When I Say There's No Shame In Defeat
Every L Is A Blessing
Or I Just Get Em Then Hand Em Out In Perfect Succession
Real Shits My Profession
Thee Rappers Spit Ridiculous Writtens Like Donald Trump Running And Winning The Election 
Heh, Barney Stinson With The Bars He Penning
Only Laying The Finest, You Rappers Hardly Winning

Making Our Raps Speak It, We Raising The Glass Ceiling

Can Y'all Forgive Me, I'm To Strange
Can Y'all Forgive Me I'm Not Plain
Can Y'all Just Give Me, You're Time And Energy, I'm Trying To Get All I Can Gain
Never See Through Others Eyes
Got My Own Wings I Can Fly
And When I Show Up, After I Blow Up, Your Self Consciousness Dies
Thank You Lord, If You Do Exist
For This Talent, Blessed, I Always Aim, Won't Miss
And I'll Always Share My Accomplishments
Don't Hold Back On What I Got To Give

No Saint


[Verse One:]
I Swear You Need To Sit Down And Just Listen
Don't Interrupt At All, What I'm Saying Don't Dismiss It
You Feel Happy, Feel Great? No No Please Do Not Lie To Me
Cause I Can See Way Through That Person That You Try To Be
It's Like Your Stuck, In A Bubble That Won't Burst
Yeah Keep On Telling Everyone Around Yo That You Don't Hurt
And You Weren't Standing In Your Kitchen Just Inches From Cutting
Until You Realized That Really Won't Help Nothing
Would Just Make It Worse, At Least You Know It
But Keep Lying Saying You Feel Better Cause You Wrote It
What You Want Is For People To Tell You That You're The Dopest
You Feed Off This Attention, Without This You Wouldn't Be Noticed
You Want To Be The Main Attraction, But Hate What You Look Like
You Think You Can Salvage It By Spitting All Of These Good Rhymes
So Really Do You Do This For The Fame Of The Wealth
Part Of The Reason, Mostly It's Like A Cry For Help
I'm No Saint

I Ignore The Good, And I Hunt For The Flaws
If It Was Up To Me I Wouldn't Be Here At All
Halo On The Floor, Running Towards Pain
Say What You Want, But I Know, I'm No Saint

Every Positive Has It's Negative, Trust Me I Will Find It

[Verse Two:]
Now While I Got Your Attention, Let's Talk About Your Drinking
There's No Doubt In Me, It's Clearly Effects How Your Thinking
Yet You Keep Doing It, Taking all This Sewage In
Spewing All This Bullshit, I Swear That Your Mind Is Full Of It
They Say They Love You, You As, "What Do They See In Me?"
Blind To Your Perfections, "How Can They All Believe In Me
If I Do Not In Myself, They're Not In Need Of Me
I Could Leave Em Be, And There's No Difference" Well They'd Disagree
It's Not Smoke And Mirrors, You Create These Lies
These Words Reflect You, So I Know That You Hate These Rhymes
And I Hate You, I Hate You, No Word Of A Lie I Hate You
Can't Even Look At You Right Now, Can Never Face You
How The Fuck Can I Even Help You, If You Never Ever Let Me
I Could Make You Stress Free, I Try But You Just Test Me
I Fucking Hate You, But Can't Escape You, I'm Just Being Honest
What Make's It Worse Is I Am Your Inner Conscience



I Think I Gotta Learn To Separate The Fact From fiction
Cause Who I Am Compared To How The Way I'm Rappings Different
Been Feeling Recently I'm Losing Touch, The Passions Distant
Say Sorry I Ain't Put This Effort In, They're Past Forgiveness
Ghost Was Sending Me These Beats, And Run Up Fast And Listen
Knock A Verse Out In An Hour, He'd Say The "Rappings Sickening
You Gotta Get Mic" I Know, Dog, When A Job Comes
But Was As Likely As The Return Of God's Son
So Now I Feel Like He's Thinking I Ain't Worth The Time
These Feelings I Have Of Giving Up Really Hurts Inside
I Talk A Big Talk, But Never Put These Raps In Motion
Either I'm Lacking Focus Or I Feel This Rappings Hopeless
How Can You Trust Me For The Truth When I Lie To Myself?
Say I'll Make It, But I Can't Start Applying Myself
Empty Promises And Plans I've Never Seen Through
Say I'll Record A Mixtape But I Ain't Been True
"Never Give A Fuck" Huh, That Something I Say
But I Clearly Do If I Can't Get On This Stage
Cause I'm To Fearful I'm Rejected For Just Being Me
Honestly In That First Part You Weren't Seeing Me
Really I Ain't That Confident It's The Opposite
Go That Bars Down, Performence, I Ain't Rocking It
And Honestly I'm Thinking I Should Put A Stop To This
But Why Should I When Musically I Got Lots To Give
Truthfully The Creative In Me is Shouting
I Gotta Listen More And Not Listen Up To The Doubting
Mute The Voice In My Head Saying You Can't Do It
And Turn Up  That Vocie Saying That You Gon Make It Thrugh It
I Gotta Focus On Myself And Perfecting My Craft
And Stop Letting This Fucking Doub Aferting My Raps
I Know Now, Me And You Do Not Match Up
But I'm Just Hopeing One Day Soon That I Can Catch Up


I'm Just Fucking Around In Holland.... Again

This time I wrote it over some Ghost Dog production, So I may record this if I get time.

And oh yeah... #LTT!!

Taylor Made I'ma Tell You On The First Shit
Y'all Know How It's Going Down Once The Verse Hit
Murk Shit, The Wordsmith, That Spits Sermons
But Play Those Verses Backwords, It's Curses 
That's Unearthing A Demon From The Fires Of Hell
That Comes Up And See's To It That These Liars Will Fail 
So Quiet That Giant Is Lurking Who's Lying These Verses
And Making Those That Lie In They VersesLying In Hearses 
Dying To Burst In, I Shot Down The Doors Of Hip Hop, With
The Same Guns They Killed Biggie And Pac With 
Left A Spare Bullet And Took The Nine Fifth Was Hit With 
And Killed Your Top 10, Which To Me Is A Hit List
This Is Easy
Yeah, I'm Narcissist I'm On The Same Shit As Yeezy
Not A God Though
But I Got That Must've Been Sent from God Flow