No Saint


[Verse One:]
I Swear You Need To Sit Down And Just Listen
Don't Interrupt At All, What I'm Saying Don't Dismiss It
You Feel Happy, Feel Great? No No Please Do Not Lie To Me
Cause I Can See Way Through That Person That You Try To Be
It's Like Your Stuck, In A Bubble That Won't Burst
Yeah Keep On Telling Everyone Around Yo That You Don't Hurt
And You Weren't Standing In Your Kitchen Just Inches From Cutting
Until You Realized That Really Won't Help Nothing
Would Just Make It Worse, At Least You Know It
But Keep Lying Saying You Feel Better Cause You Wrote It
What You Want Is For People To Tell You That You're The Dopest
You Feed Off This Attention, Without This You Wouldn't Be Noticed
You Want To Be The Main Attraction, But Hate What You Look Like
You Think You Can Salvage It By Spitting All Of These Good Rhymes
So Really Do You Do This For The Fame Of The Wealth
Part Of The Reason, Mostly It's Like A Cry For Help
I'm No Saint

I Ignore The Good, And I Hunt For The Flaws
If It Was Up To Me I Wouldn't Be Here At All
Halo On The Floor, Running Towards Pain
Say What You Want, But I Know, I'm No Saint

Every Positive Has It's Negative, Trust Me I Will Find It

[Verse Two:]
Now While I Got Your Attention, Let's Talk About Your Drinking
There's No Doubt In Me, It's Clearly Effects How Your Thinking
Yet You Keep Doing It, Taking all This Sewage In
Spewing All This Bullshit, I Swear That Your Mind Is Full Of It
They Say They Love You, You As, "What Do They See In Me?"
Blind To Your Perfections, "How Can They All Believe In Me
If I Do Not In Myself, They're Not In Need Of Me
I Could Leave Em Be, And There's No Difference" Well They'd Disagree
It's Not Smoke And Mirrors, You Create These Lies
These Words Reflect You, So I Know That You Hate These Rhymes
And I Hate You, I Hate You, No Word Of A Lie I Hate You
Can't Even Look At You Right Now, Can Never Face You
How The Fuck Can I Even Help You, If You Never Ever Let Me
I Could Make You Stress Free, I Try But You Just Test Me
I Fucking Hate You, But Can't Escape You, I'm Just Being Honest
What Make's It Worse Is I Am Your Inner Conscience



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