I Think I Gotta Learn To Separate The Fact From fiction
Cause Who I Am Compared To How The Way I'm Rappings Different
Been Feeling Recently I'm Losing Touch, The Passions Distant
Say Sorry I Ain't Put This Effort In, They're Past Forgiveness
Ghost Was Sending Me These Beats, And Run Up Fast And Listen
Knock A Verse Out In An Hour, He'd Say The "Rappings Sickening
You Gotta Get Mic" I Know, Dog, When A Job Comes
But Was As Likely As The Return Of God's Son
So Now I Feel Like He's Thinking I Ain't Worth The Time
These Feelings I Have Of Giving Up Really Hurts Inside
I Talk A Big Talk, But Never Put These Raps In Motion
Either I'm Lacking Focus Or I Feel This Rappings Hopeless
How Can You Trust Me For The Truth When I Lie To Myself?
Say I'll Make It, But I Can't Start Applying Myself
Empty Promises And Plans I've Never Seen Through
Say I'll Record A Mixtape But I Ain't Been True
"Never Give A Fuck" Huh, That Something I Say
But I Clearly Do If I Can't Get On This Stage
Cause I'm To Fearful I'm Rejected For Just Being Me
Honestly In That First Part You Weren't Seeing Me
Really I Ain't That Confident It's The Opposite
Go That Bars Down, Performence, I Ain't Rocking It
And Honestly I'm Thinking I Should Put A Stop To This
But Why Should I When Musically I Got Lots To Give
Truthfully The Creative In Me is Shouting
I Gotta Listen More And Not Listen Up To The Doubting
Mute The Voice In My Head Saying You Can't Do It
And Turn Up  That Vocie Saying That You Gon Make It Thrugh It
I Gotta Focus On Myself And Perfecting My Craft
And Stop Letting This Fucking Doub Aferting My Raps
I Know Now, Me And You Do Not Match Up
But I'm Just Hopeing One Day Soon That I Can Catch Up


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