The End of the Rainbow

The search for peace leaves me empty handed 
No money in my account, and a whole lotta doubt
Fuck it start rapping 
Start writing, maybe lighting I'll strike
But all these feelings are something that I would normally fight 
Ignore the pain, novacane, od, lose my brain 
Punch a wall, drink again, goddamn I'm going insane FUCK
I got drunk 
And I didn't have fun 
These toxins, keep constantly blocking any happiness near 
On that stage, I hear nothing when the people will cheer 
Dog, I don't deserve it, keep the applause 
Baby girl, runaway, please don't get involved 
You don't want me in your life I promise.. 
And I'm just being honest 
Bright sunny day, but all I get is darkness 
That light slipping away, "this is hard kid 
But it's gonna be okay", that's what they all say 
When I see a knife I see a means to escape 
When I see a bottle, i drink, but it just always stays 
Please just leave me alone

On the hunt for that gold at the end of rainbow
I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to my grave, please bless my soul
Please let me go
Demons, keeping me on the wrong track
I guess I should listened maybe i should just fall back
Say fuck rap, and adapt...


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