Flow Synonymous, leaving you're fave anonymous
Fucking up all the politics, all this shit, I'm abolishing 
Taking it in my own hands, like Obama, shooting some hollow tips
Right at Trump, smile as the crowds applauding it
A demon that can't be saved by no reverend 
With my bare arms, I'll leave you like Leo in revenant 
Never gave a fuck, can never bless my soul 
To hell I go, to kill Satan, steal this throne 
It's mine now, never been a disciple, more a leader 
This that coloured kofi, joggers on, rocking red adidas 
When'd the game go from people that'd actually rap to some divas 
That are quick to sub tweet you, or subbing you on a feature 
I don't know, I don't know, i don't go, with the flow
Like everyone biting Migos after Drizzy, stole they show
Or jumping onto Control, after K Dot, when it and murdered it
Misinterpreting what he saying, like we ain't heard of it

Mini Me's of Dudgeon In Abundance
Came Here To Show And Prove Not Just Stunting
This The Real Over Here, Fake Ain't Aloud
I Follow You Wack Rappers I'm The Darkest Cloud
I Mark These Clowns For Death, Could Have Pennywise Scared
None Of These Rappers Will Be Prepared
Shout Out To MadGibbs, Mad Villian On His Beat Boy
Sccottish King, Gotta Flip It, Man It's Destroyed

The World Ain't Big Enough For All Of Us
The Look In They Eyes, It's Like They All Know They Fucked
Fuck A Summer, Better Have Your Whole Career Tucked
In, I'm Coming For Blood, Dawg I'm Never Giving Up
Killing Open Mics Is Fun, But There's More To Life
Sick Of Being Doubted, Short Amount Of Time With The Mic
Mainly It's My Own Fault, Gotta Put More Work In
Dedicating Hours, Making Sure The Verse Is Perfect
But No More "Fuck Rap, I Gotta Find A New Path"
I'm Staying On It, Like This Beat, I'm On The Right Track
I Might Black, Out, For Fun, Cutting MC's Power
Cause I Believe Most These MC's Cowards
So Easy, Believe Me, Killing Them Will Please Me
After I Am Done, Nobody Out There Will Succeed Me


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