Dark (No Dawn)

Ain't No Rapper Safe
Fuck A Subliminal I'ma Say It Your Face
Mumble Rappers Losing
Choke You While You Under Water, Throw Some Auto Tune In
That's Hit Now, Get Down, Get The Club Lit Now
Y'all Sound Like Omelly On Sway, People Bite Down
On The Style, But It Bite Back
I'm A Livewire, Killing Vultures, Better Get Back, Spit Facts
As Long As I'm Breathing, The Wack Won't
I Rap Quotes, Not A Singer, But Believe I'll Stack Notes, Cats Know
I'm A Vet, Easily I Put It Down
I Barely, Emptied A Clip By Now You Woulda Blew A Round
Grew Up Around Settlers As If I Was A Gypsy
Fifth Of A Whisky, Trying To Lynch Me, Like Neo Those Bullets Missed Me
Dodging Depression, Avoid Anxiety, Now We Counting Blessings
When We Used To Count About All The Things We Was Stressing
Now We Moving, Music, Our Bitch Now, We Took The Stress
Said Fuck You Till I'm Paying Off My Friends Student Debts
That's The Way That I Stunt, While Y'all Was Giving A Fuck
I Was Free As A Mason, Lacing Bars, My Heart On My Cuff
My Soul Transcribing My Thoughts, Any Rapper Wanna Talk
Better Take A Number, Trust Me It's Coming Up, I Had Enough
I Feel I'm Made For More Than Gimmick, I Got The Lyrics
That'll Turn The Most Confident Rapper Timid, Yeah He Finished
Yeah I Got Em, I'm Deconstructing Em, P Dot Dudge Will Fuck With Em
The Living Embodiment Of The Joker Toxin
Skills So Good, They Die With A Smile
They Know That Raps In Good Hands, They Death Was Worthwhile


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