Mic And This Booth

[Verse One:]
No One Know Me Better Than This Mic And This Booth
I'm Writing To You, My Story, My Life's In This Booth
Since I Was Young, I've Tried To Write My Way Outta Depression
It Made Me Feel Better, It Stopped All The Supression
Of The Pain, The Thoughts Inside I Let It Go
No Regrets, Cause What I Said Was Always Just Set In Stone
Said Some Things That May Make Em Pissed Of
That Why I Love You Verse, "That's A Real Risk Paul"
That's What My Mind Said, But My Heart Said Do It
Dig Into Your Soul, And Put Your All Into Music
And That's What I've Done, I Rap For No Funds, I Rap For The Love
Won't Slack Cause The Fact I'll Run This Shit, But That's Just Begun
The Journey From The Bottom To The Top
You Must Be High of Your Own Ego Thinking You've Gotten Him To Stop
To Much Plotting Just To Flop, And Watch The Rest Of Em Make It
You Know The Ones With No Talent, But People Swear By Em As The Greatest
They Had A Career For Five Years, Still Only Dropping Tapes On DatPiff
And Still Claim To Be Best In This Rap Shit
Honestly, This May be At Your Distaste
But After This I'm Making Albums, Fuck These Mixtapes
Where They Take A Beat, And Brag And Say They Let The Gats Shoot
In The Hood, Let me Guess, You're Inspired By Papoose?
You Can Say It's Controversial, I Say I'm Speaking Truth
To Many Dope Producers, To Rap Over The Most Popular Beat, It's True

[Joe Budden Sample:]
So Every Verse Fight With The Truth
Nah.. No One Know Me Better Than This Mic And This Booth

[Verse Two:]
Back To The Block Where.. Nothing Really Bad Happens
No Coke Dealers Or That, Nah, No One Gat Clapping
So If I Hear A Rapper Say That From My City
(That's A Lie) More Than Likely Been Listening To Too Much Of Fifty
Only Time He Snaps Back Is His Hat With An NY
Logo On It, You Say Fuck These Haters, Hold Up, Then Why#
You Got Em, Smoking Reefa, And Listening To Wiz Khalifa
And Still Claim Hip-Hop, Not Knowing The Shit Get's Depper
Than Talking About These Bitches, Money And Blowing On Trees
Move The Crowd? You Don't Know That? You Don't Know And MC
To You, He's Cool Because He's Holding Some Green
In His Video, Really Though, He Ain't Dope As He Seems
But Let's Get Off Of That, Shit
I Tell Everything In This Booth, That's What The Track Is
The Shit I Say Is The Truth, I've Never Retracted
Anything I've Said, And That I've Wrote In This Pad, Shit

[Hook x2:]
What Do I Say? Is There Any Limitations?
Not Really, Cause I Don't Care If I Get Them Hating
So It's Rare For Me To FIght With The Truth
Listen.. (No One Know Me Better Than This Mic And This Booth)

[Verse Three:]
Drugs Came In And Had Every One Going Crazy
And Paul Came In, Took His Beats, And Went Insane They
Like To Think I'll Get A Deal And Lable's Will Box Him
But They Forget I Spit Raw, Whenever I Hops In
The Booth, Whether Slow Or Fast Paced On Some Busta RHymes, Look At Me Now Shit
But I Know In The Future They'll Look At This And Think He Ain't As Good As He Know Is
The Mic And Booth WItnessed My Growth As An Artist, MC
But Really, I Don't Wanna Just Be  Known As The Hardest MC
Cause The Heart That's In Me, Has The Passion For Writing My Life
Move Away The Darkness, And Put A Little Light In My Life
Give You A Some Sight To My Life
I Mean, I Gotta Get Rid Of The Neagtives, And Get Some Right In My Life
All I Try Do, Is Give You Some Sight To The Truth
Cause Alot Of People Wear A Mask When Talking To This Mic In This Booth
But Me, I'm Open With My Emotions, Always Writing The Truth
So It's No Lie, Nobody No Me Better Than This Mic And This Booth

[Joe Budden Sample:]
So Every Verse Fight With The Truth
Nah.. No One Know Me Better Than This Mic And This Booth


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