I LOVE Hip-Hop, But...

You bloggers/fans are fucking it up.

I'll get to bloggers in the bit, first the fans. Do you even realize how low your standards are? This is the main issue with hip-hop fans in my opinion, when you can listen to someone like Future, or Lil' Wayne, and class them as being "dope". Really? Future? I know music is subjective, but come on, you guys were all behind Jay when DOA dropped, and now you're rocking with Future? Just because his hooks are catchy? Know what else is catchy? Chlamydia. (A friend gave me that joke, but I think it's worthy to use now). And Wayne, I don't care if Kanye called him the number 1 rapper, fuck Kanye, Wayne, as an MC, is not worthy as being mentioned in the top 50 MC's (I will applaud MTV for not putting him on the list, that was definitely a positive with the list). His verses in the last few years have been laughable, and he's been a joke to everyone, yet people still class him that high as a rapper? When you can drop a mixtape and blogs are ripping it apart and taking out the 20 worst bars from that tape, you're officially terrible. But no, in hip-hop, you don't need talent to actually be "hot", all you need is a good hook, and beat. Nothing about the actual rapper will be remembered, just the hook and beat that make people dance or nod there heads. The credit I'll give Drake is his verses are memorable, but other than that, who else in the actual mainstream with songs in constant rotation have memorable verses? I personally can't think off any of the top of my head. You fans, not all fans, the fans that let the French Montana type shit slide, are the reason people look down at hip-hop. Mainly it's people on twitter. It's fine to want the ignorant, ratchet shit, that's cool. But, people take that serious and think because that may be popular, that artist should be labeled the best rapper. No. If someone isn't taking hip-hop serious, and is making bullshit music, just random music, they don't belong on any MC list. They're taking a spot an actual talent should have, like Macklemore, or an Ab-Soul, or Skyzoo, but because they're not known around much, or meet a bullshit MTV criteria for what they believe is a "hot MC", they don't get it.

Now let's get to bloggers. Some bloggers for being in "hip-hop" have some of the stupidest comments to make. First off, Elliott Wilison saying Future is the hottest MC right now. This is the guy that Jay let have his own segment on his Life and Times page? When someone like that says something like that, you really need to question how much he actually cares for hip-hop. He basically judged it by the music heard in a place where you're getting drunk. You're drunk, of course you're going to enjoy whatever you hear, I sometimes enjoy listening to Nicki Minaj. Why? I'm drunk! So people are obviously gonna like those Future records cause all they want is the good beat and catchy hook, as I referred to earlier. Is this where we're at now? The hottest rapper is judged on what's hot at the clubs? Fuck that, and people wonder why people look down on hip-hop, cause people like Elliott are coming out and basically saying out of everything that rappers are making, this is what the majority of people that listen want, and people take that wrong, and I honestly blame that on bloggers and the (twitter) fans.

Also, Elliott Wilson said "men lie, women lie, clubs don't", well how about...
...Men lie, women lie, likes don't


The Real KaYnE said...

In my opinion, the dopest rapper out right now is The Jokerr, everyone hates him either because of his ridiculous personal beliefs, or because he made some diss tracks, but he is very talented, and very under-rated. To hear some good lyricism, listen to his track "Bite Marks", for some versatile flow listen to his track "I Don't Fit In", to hear some actual singing listen to "Illusions For The King". He is extremely talented in many ways, but people can't see past his Jester gimmick, or past the beef he had with Hopsin/Funk Volume to see how dope he actually is.

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