Late Night In Edinburgh

Beat: 9am in Dallas

I Say Before We Dumb It Down, We Gotta Put Down The Dumb Shit
Before We Gun It Down, Hip-Hop Could Be With Done With
One Kid, That's Channeling All The Big Rappers
To Take Aim At Those Who Spit Average
Before I Sign A Contract
Make Sure "Your Soul Shall Stay Yours" Is On That
Bitch, See I Could Either Make These Records To Go Pop
Or Do It Like Jay Back In The 90's, Know What?
I'm A Take The Second Option
And Become The Best To Drop Shit, "Stop It,
Paul How You Know, This Shit'll Work Out"
Cause I Won't Stop Till They Pulling The Hearse Out
I'm Just Trying Attain A Spot Where I'm Highly Mentioned
With The Greats, Not At The Bottom Where Others Are Sectioned
When I Say Others Some Are Great MC's
Stuck In The Same Position, That's Where They Won't Send Me, I Swear
If The Masses Don't Love It Then I'll Make Em Love It
Expose The Fake Shit, And Show The Real To The Public
But At The End Of Day, I Won't My Parents To Be Proud
Without Ever Disparaging My Sound
And Through All of These Letterings Have Found
The True Me
Make Em Re-Think Just How They Truly Knew Me
Through These Songs, I Drop That Are High Class
How The Fuck You Gonna Tell Me That I "Might Pass"
Out Of Everyone You Could Have Picked
You Went Ahead And Picked The One That Couldn't Spit
Couldn't Flow, Couldn't Put Together Punch Lines
It Seems You'll Only Settle For These Dumb Rhymes
But Fuck It, Let's Just Move On
You Don't Think I'm The Best Let Me Prove Wrong


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