Trillucation That Clique

Shotgun In The Rolls Royce, Killing All These Suckas
They Ain't Fucking With My Clique, Trillucation Motherfucka
I'm Taking Bout Ghost Dog, I'm Taking Bout TSmoove
I'm Talking Bout Me, Try And Do It Like We Do
Inspired By Shawn, Skylar And Christopher
You Can See Lyrically What I'm Hitting For, Spit That Raw
Get Ya Broad, Nah Fuck That, You Can Have That Bitch
Cause I'm Like Lupe I Don't Fuck With A Bad Bitch
Bitch Bad, Unless She Act's Way Then Bitch Don't Seem That Bad
I See, Angels Riding In Lambos, They Stop Infront Me of And Say You Can Have That
So I Grab That, Key, And Hop In The Driver Seat
And Start To Live The Life All These People Is Try To Lead
And Do It Without Selling My Soul, Not Trying To Be
No Different, But I Made It, That's What I'm Trying To See
And I'mma Be, Rhyming What I See, All My Thoughts
And Still Doing That Even If I Call The Shots, At The Top
Bang... Repping For My City, Edinburgh, Till I'm Dead And Buried
All These Rappers Wack, Shit, I Ain't Got No Worries, Ha!


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