They Ain't Dying For You

Beat: Exodus 23:1

Moment Of Silence, For These Fucking Wack MC's
I Listen To They Music Can't Help But Think, How Wack Is He
A Tragedy, But Me, I'll Savagely, Tackle These
Beats, Leave It Bleeding, 'Nother Casualty
I Mastered These, Flow Patterns And Rhyme Schemes
Trying To Turn How I'm Living Now, To Living Out My Dreams
I Mean, I Got Dreams And I Believe In Em, Yes, I'm On My Common Shit
Cause Everyone Else Feels The Same, Let Me Get On My Honest Shit
I Could Get Introspective, But That's Another Record
So I'm A Just Go Off, Do Better Than Them Suckers Efforts
They Stick Around With Ass Kissers And Yes Men
Plus They Bent Over And Allowed Labels To Molest Them
As Long As You Know, That When Your Run Is Finished
Another Will Come And Start They 15 Minutes
(Yeah, They Ain't Dying For You, Ha, They Ain't Really Dying For You)
Just Thought That You Should Know

My Genesis Is Here, Your Exodus Is Near
When It Comes To Spitting These Flows, Ha, The Best Is Here
Coming Live From The Underground, With Big K.R.I.T.
With Sick Shit, To Take Over The Music Business


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