The Royal Assassination

Beat: 3 Kings

They Say We Gotta Raise The Bar
But With The Skill I Got, I Ain't Gotta Raise It Far
Amazing Bars, Insane Ta Y'all if I Made It Famous Huh?
I'm A Danger Y'all!
That's a Wack MC Killed In Four Lines
They Don't Fuck With Your Rhymes, But They Adore Mine
It's Just Different, No, Plus Living
But I'm Trying To Change That, So, I Must Get In
Chilling In That Car With The Two M's
On My Way To The Dealer To Buy A New Benz
Cruising In Something Flyer, Than What You Cruise In
I Bought 5, Just To Fit My Crew In
I'm Just Practicing This Bragging Shit
Now Let Me Get Back To My Real Rapping Shit
Talent Is What Some Dudes Lacking In
This Beat Is Still Alive, Time Bring A Savage In
These Rappers Making Claims That They Can't Back Up
Say They Rap Tough, It's Dope, But There Raps Suck
Attack What? Me? Man, Think It Through
You Can Try And Hold Me Back, I'll Still Kill This Dude
You Don't Know What Your Asses Facing
I Just Killed 3 Kings, Royal Assassination
I Said You Don't Know What You Bastards Facing
I Just Killed 3 Kings, Royal Assassination


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