Beat: 1,2,3 Grind

The Sickest Living, Surprised That I'm Still Alive
Feel This High, You Won't Be Shocked Why I Picked This Living
The Spiller Of Iller Raps, Your Albums Full Of Filler Tracks
One Hot Single, My Rhymes, You Fail To Match
The Bread Snatcher, Eating Bodies Of Dead Rappers
With Blood Trickling Down My Mouth, Insane Bastard
While They Call Me A Sick Freak
I'm In The KOD's With Rick Ross Shouting Out "I Think I'm Big Meech"
Did His Grunt Ad-Lib, Left With A Bitch Each
Deaded That Pussy In The Bath, I Call It Whitney
Is You Wit Me? Nah, I'm So Far From Sane
Spit Bars Of Pain, That Knives Aimed At All You Lames
I'm Back Snapping, You Can Call Me Bane
Man, To See Y'all Made It, That's An Awful Shame
Pauls Insane With The Flow, Causing Lames Just To Go
Out The Game, You Was Trained As A Hoe, That's Fo Sho'


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