Power Circle Freestyle

Trillucation That Power Circle, Without The Higher Power's Help
Said How I Feel, I Don't Care You Fucking Cowards Felt
Had To Learn to Live The Bullshit Cards That I Was Delt
Still Climbing Up That Ladder, Had This Dream When I Was Twelve
Now I'm Trying To Pick Up Where That Boy Kendrick Left Off
He Went Off, And So Did Crook, Now Offically The Death Off
This Beat, Shout Out MMG, Admittedly I Ain't Self Made
But After These Years, I Can Stand Strong And Say Look What Your Help Made
Only Chilling When The Whole Game Is Mine
Till Then, I'm Dropping Good Music Like If Ye Changed His Mind
Fuck A Summer, I'm A Give You Wack MC's A Cruel Year
Do Fear, This Kid, But Still An Up And Comer
Still Going Through The Rags To The Riches
Hell Yeah, I'm With Crook, Shouting Cash Over Bitches
Fuck Swag And These Bitches, How Did Rap Become So Soft
That Twitter Rants The Only Time They Quote Unquote Go Off


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