#Section80... One Year Later

"Fire burning inside my eyes
This the music that saved my life
Y'all be calling it Hip-Hop, I be calling it hypnotize"

These are the first couple bars Kendrick Lamar raps on the track "Fuck Your Ethnicity" from his album "Section.80". To me, this is my number 1 hip-hop album of 2011, and today July the 2nd 2012, marks the year anniversary of this great album. I've said this before, but I remember coming home from a night out, and buying this the moment I found out I could. But I will be honest, I was going to download it for free once I found a link, but then I thought "Fuck it, this guy deserves the support" and I bought it for, in my opinion, cheap price of £5.99. The moment the iTunes download finished I began listening, and I was hooked in. I really did buy the album based on one song, "HiiiPower", which is probably in my top 5 best songs of 2011. When I heard that, I got very excited for the album, and it did live up to my expectations, and actually surpassed it. I'm sure everyone's heard it, and I've rarely heard a bad word said about this album, which is rare, then again, it's rare for me to actually remember what I was doing and the time when I buy an album, and I remember those details and more in full. I guess that shows how much of an impact this album had on me, and even though I can't fully relate to the subjects touched by Kendrick on the album, I could still appreciate and see the talent that he has.

All I'm going to say is, if there's an album that deserves a blog post on it's year anniversary of release, it's this one. Not once in the last year has it left my iPod, and I can still listen all the way through without getting bored, just enjoying the good, if not great, music that Kendrick, the producers and the features artists provided. Thank you Kendrick, not just for this album, but through Kendrick, I found 3 other great MC's, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock and ScHoolBoy Q, who can't seem to release bad music, I guess...

TDE are the real GOOD Music!


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