140 Characters Isn't Enough: #RadioWars

We all know the situation that is currently happening in New York, which I'm calling "Radio Wars." It started of as comedy, but now, it's just getting ridicules. There's a way this could all be avoided, and I'm gonna explain why...

Now, on the 3rd of June 2012, Summer Jam took place in the Met Life stadium in New York. Going into the concert, I wasn't looking forward to it. The line-up looked weak, minus Slaughterhouse, and it didn't look to be a great show everyone would talk about, up untill Peter Rosenberg took to the stage. Like Flex, I can't even remember what stage it was, but Rosenberg went on stage and basically said he seen real hip-hop heads, and also chicks that where looking forward to "Starships", Nickis "big hit", but went on to say "fuck that bullshit", referring to the song. Obviously, I don't personally know Rosenberg, but I know he doesn't like "Starships", known this for a long time, so this happening isn't a shock. Here's a video of him talking about when it dropped, which makes it clear he's always had a negative opinion of the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhTe_AdW5sg. I agree with him here, the song does suck and is basically a Super Bass off spring (Nicki tested the pop sound with Super Bass, seen it was successful, and went the pop route cause her rap singles would't sell). Now, like Rosenberg, I know Nicki can rap ("Monster"), and I don't hate her music as a whole, just the pop stuff and her last album, which was terrible to me. Anyway, I'm not here to talk about Nicki, but as I said, she can rap, she just went with what sold than making music that showed her rapping ability.

So this all happened, and I never knew Rosenberg said all this, I found out after Nicki and Wayne tweeted about Yong Money not performing. I looked at the tweets and thought "what happened? why are they acting like this?" then heard about Rosenbergs comments (on one song) and seen the video. I will agree that it was the wrong time, but, how can one DJ's opinion of one song or sound you make stop you from performing? Nicki followed Waynes orders, didn't perform, which shows weakness in my eyes. Any other rapper or boss would say "You go out their and own that fucking show! Fuck that guy, he doesn't matter, turn him into a believer!" But obviously, the YM Motto is YOPFYM "You Only Perform For Yes Men."

So after all this, you'd think "Fans will go crazy at Rosenberg for a few days, Nicki and him will talk, everyone will move on"... but no. Flex had to go on stage and say: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvuOG7Xe7S0. This makes it understandable for Nicki to call Flex, but what if Flex shut up and didn't say anything? "Radio Wars" wouldn't be going on, and everyone at Hot 97 and Power 105.1 would be running as normal. But no. After Flex did that, Power 105.1, the kid in the corner that gets no attention so jumps into something that has nothing to do with them to gain it, labels Flex donkey of the day. After this, Flex dissed them, Roenberg dissed them, and the people at Power 105.1 responded. It all went from what should have been an issue between Nicki and Rosenberg, to making NY radio stations look stupid.

Recently, Power 105.1 mentioned Flex had beat up his wife. This is now bringing personal situations to a radio feud. A Radio feud? Yes, it's horrible and disgusting Flex would do that, and I have lost alot of respect for him, but to bring this up after all the transpired is just ridicules. This isn't rapping, you PLAY songs by rappers, you're opinion doesn't even matter, well, shouldn't, and for it to go this far, and it's just radio, is stupid. And it's not just that, it's just that this all came from Peter Rosenberg calling one Nicki Minaj song "bullshit", which ALOT of people agree with. And then Power 105.1 jumped in for no reason other than to have an excuse to diss Flex, which is what it seems to be in my opinion.

At the end of  the day, this whole situation happening in New York is stupid, and when you see the timeline of events, it goes from comedy to just stupidity. If only Nicki just stayed with hip-hip, or Rosenberg and Flex kept their mouth shit, and the crew at Power 105.1 kept quiet, this could all have been avoided.

"fuck lil wayne and everybody that love him"... cause it was his call... and his music sucks.


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