Some Random Shit...

Over - Labrinth - EARTHQUAKE 

This Verse Made An Earthquake
So Of The Fucking Richter, Before They Died The Hearse Came
'Cause They Know I Was Bout To Demolish It
Abolish What, You Acknowledging
As The Hottest Shit
I Don't Know Why These Labels Dropped This Shit
Bring The Beat Down, Spitting Heat Now
Unleash This Beat Down, You Know It's Me Now
Who Else You Know Can Tell The World Hurry Up
Cause I'm Sick of Waiting, Now's The Time To Get My Money Up
You Bunch Of Funny Fucks, I Could Make Chris Rocked
I Mean Chris Shocked, Of How I Spit Hot
You're Not The Same Person From What You Said At Start
You Gained Money Then You Lost You're Kevin Hart
You Think You Big, Bitch, You Ain't No Lee Evens
You Get Yes Men, It Ain't True Just Cause He Said It
I Could Keep Going, But I'll Stop With The References
Cause I Think I've Already Proved I'm The Best At This
Lab' Threw Bomb's On It, I Spit Atomic
I'm So Out Of This World That I Hit A Comet
And So Strong When It Made Contact
It Turned Around, Like I Don't Want No Problems With That


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