G.O.O.D. Flow (Incomplete)

Over Kanye West - Way Too Cold

We All Real, No Liars Over Here
You See The Smoke? That's Cause All The Fires Over Here
Fire, Like A Flair, Cause I'm Shining, Yo, Beware
I'm Like A Lion, Leave You Layin', You Lyin', Dog You Scared
Best Rapper.. Uh, Don't Flatter Your Self
Admit It, To You The Only Thing That Matters Is Wealth
I'm So Mean With The Flow, Man, I'm Mad At Myself
Labels Can Shelve My Album, But It Would Still Damage The Shelf
Cause The Content To Strong, It Got A Mind Of It's Own
The Zone Kanye Talking' About, I Write My Rhymes In That Zone
And Him And Jay Watch The Throne That I'm On
That's Where I Chill, And Where I Jot My Poems And I'm Gone
Go Of And Murder Every Beat I'm Given
Rappers Wanna Test But They'll Never Defeat My Sinning
Diss Me, Then They Family Is Heading They Hearse, See
But Before They Died, They Was All Begging For Mercy....


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