Dear World, Welcome To My Mind


Kick In The Door, Laughing, Shouting Who Won
All These Bastards Claim Victory, But I'm The True Son
Live Life To The Fullest, Don't Let Nobody Break You
And Even If You Are Broke, That Can Still Make You
And Determine You're Hunger And Passion
Being Broke Now Increased My Hunger For Rapping
Plus My Life When I Was Younger Was Tragic
Suicide Thoughts, Only Wonder Was Rapping
And My Cousins Birth, Helped Me Recover From That Last Hit
And Hearing That My Nan's Home Is Now A Casket
What I Would Give To At Least Give Her One Hug
Stand In Front Of A Gun, And Take One Slug
But I Wanna Make Them Proud When They Look Down
Near The 16th Bar But There's No Hook, Now
Cause This Train Of Thoughts Not Near The Station Yet
Go And Place Your Beats, Will I Make It? Yes
Before I'm Facing Death,
Reach The Top of The Game The Only Stage That's Left
Could Write My Thoughts In This Pad, There's Not A Page That's Left
Write My Ass Off Till I Make It Vet... Status

Now Let The Beat Breath....


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