'Mania Night (Roc Boys Freestyle)

Just a couple random bars I wrote....

April Fools Day! Your Careers The Joke
You A Fool if You Think What You Hear Is Dope
Man, You Suck Like The Last Verse On That Diggy Song
Man, Rapping Ain't You Thing, New Dream Job, Iggys Thong
I'm Having Fun, What Rappers Can't Have That
You'll Freestyle And Fans'll Ask For They Cash Back
You'll Blow Up, When I Can Say That I Ran Rap
Lyrically I'm Diddys Crew
A Bad Boy With The Flow, Filing In Biggies Shoe
1/4! 2012, Is The End of You
They'll Never Top What This Dude I'll Do
There's Only One Of Me, But Their Will Always Be Two Of You
Who Is You, The Kid That Spits Through The Roof
"You The Truth", I Look With A Smile And Say "You Is To"
The Top Dog, No Kendrick, Rock, Or Ab Soul
But I'll School Boys That Lack Soul
Shit, You Ain't Got Talent What You Rap For?
(It's Mania Night)


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