Dear Summer

Thought I'd try song writing, so this song I wrote for a friend to sing, including my Dear Summer verse. Not talking about Hip-Hop.

No Names To Be Said
I Don't Want Names To Be Spread

[Verse One:]
Dear Summer,
You Used To Brighten Up My Day, But The Shines Gone
The Love Was There For You, But Mines Gone
Cause It Seems All This Time You Didn't Feel How I Did
So I Gotta Move On, Cause I Can't Go On How I've Lived

Used To Feel Weird Every Time You Walked By
And Every Time We Locked Eyes
But Only I Was Like That
Damn I Was A Fool For Thinking I Could Wife That

You Don't Understand How It Feels
Falling In Love, With Someone Who Will Never Feel The Same
I Don't Kow How To Deal
After Falling This Far Girl, I'll Never Be The Same, To This Day

Dear Summer, Why You So Beautiful
Dear Summer, I Only Want You To Know, That You The Only One

[Verse Two: Me]
Dear Summer What I'd Do For You I'd Do For No Other
Still You Show No Love, Damn, Am I A Sucka?
Or Maybe I'm Just Reading You Different
Say You Ain't Looking, But I See You With Another Dude, Listen
You Might Aswell Be Honest, Let Me Know If I Got A Chance
Cause Who Knows, In 10 Years, I May Be In Hot Demand
So Don't Judge Me The Now, I'm Not The Man
Maybe The Nicest To You, But God Damn
Lord Forbid That You With Someone That Ain't Looking the Best
You'd Rather Go For Someone That Wants You Up Outta Ya Dress
Put You In Stress, After Time, You Say Us All Are Dicks
Sure Ain't It Got Nothing To Do With You, Falling For Pricks
But Nah, It Seems That She's Forgotten 'Bout My Existence
I'd Try To Talk To Her, But I Fear She Wouldn't Listen
Was It Worth It? It's My Own Fault, I've Fallen For Her
But If She Knew That, It Would Probably Be Appealing To Her
It's Sad What She Did To Someone That Cared
I Got Put In That Friend Zone, Why Did I Share?

Dear Summer, Why You So Beautiful
Dear Summer, I Only Want You To Know, That You The Only One


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