Lyrical Exercise


And I'm A Get It While I'm Here Boy
Cause I Am Impatient, And I Can't Wait Till Next Year Boy
So I'm Pursuing This Dream, No Stop Till I'm Viewing This Green
And I'll Pursuit It Cause I Know Musics In Me
A King Presence, You Can Not Defeat My Aura
You Can Try, But I'll Leave You "R.I.P.", No Rita Ora
"Hot Right Now"? Bitch, I Made The Summer Sizzle
And I'm Making More Noise Than When A Gun'll Whistle
Lost My Uncle, Best Believe That I'm Gon Make You Proud
Went Through Downfalls, But As I Learnt "Don't Let Em Break You Down"
So I Stay Up On My Own Two Feet
When I Take A Day Off, You'll Reach That Zone You Seek
Lord, I'm An Amateur, But I Still Could Damage Y'all
Cause I'm Like Johnny Ace, Bitch, I Mange Raw
Bitch You Know That I'm Bring That Crack Now
Slam My CD On You Desk, Now That's A SmackDown
You Lead The Fake, Like Vince McMahon
Shooter Flow, So Accurate, Snipe Where You Stand
I Never Lie, Bitch, I'm Bout What I Speak
I'm Like A Lion, You More Like A Mouse On These Beats, Sheesh
Ironically, Being Broke Made Me Stronger
Fuck 15 Minutes, I'll Play This Game For Longer
I Gotta A "Hunger For This "Game", No Katniss Bitch
The Only Bitch I'll Thirst For Is This Rapping Bitch
Yo, You "Rappers" Act Hard, I Ain't Wit The Facade
Then I Hear That "Pop", True Colours Shown, Yeah, Nicki Minaj
Young Money, Promise That I'll Never Name Y'all
Again, Y'all, Till I Run This Game... Paul


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