#Illmatic18Years (Nas Tribute)

Beat: Nas - "One Love"

"One Time For Your Mind", "One Love" To The Great, Nasir Jones

It Was 1994, That's The Year I Was Born
And A Kid Named Nas Dropped A Classic, Illmatic
One Of The Most Skilled At It
Real Rapping, Is What You Got A Real Savage
On The Mic, This Was His "Genesis"
Had A "N.Y. State Of Mind" When He Was Penning Shit
Went Through Hard Times, But Like They Say "Lifes A Bitch"
"The World Is Yours", But Never Wife That Bitch
Now, I Got To Long To Wait To Have Mine
So I "Half Time", Which Means I Work Harder And Grab My
Destiny, So I'm Sitting In The Park
On "Memory Lane", But What I've Writtens From The Heart
"One Love" To My Uncle And Cousin
My Nan, It Was Hard But I Did Rise Above It
"One Time For Your Mind", I Do It For The Legends
"Represent" To The Fullest, Never Take A Second
Off, Forever I'm Repping
Cause I See This Rap Shit As Forever A Blessing
And "It Ain't Hard To Tell"


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