Beat: Beyonce - Crazy In Love

Like Jay, Ye, Rihanna, I "Run This Town"
My Shit''ll Be Doper And Smarter if I Dumb It Down
Compared To You, You Ain't Dope With The Pen
Me, I'm Like Jay If We Wrote With A Pen
Or Dre When He Had Em Ghost Write His Shit
Man, You Are Not Dope Like This Kid
You Could Never Last In The Lane That I Stand
Rhyme So Hard, That It Could Break Your Chain Of Command
That You Have On The Masses, Don't Rap For Them Bastards
I Rap For The Fans That Appreciate The Classics
That Nas, Jay, Rae, Big, Pac Shit
None Of That Pop Shit, That Real Hip-Hop Shit
You Not Real, Like The Hologram Pac
Death To The Fakeness, Make These Holograms Stop
Wrote On 4/21, Just A Quick 16
But I'll Still Make You High, With These Sick 16's


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