What Type of Shit is THIS

Yo, And In My Head I'm The Greatest Too
I Feel I Got Enough Skill For Me To Make It Through
Lace This Tune, With Greatness "You, Amazing Dude"
Cause When You Spit Great, That's What They Say To You
Popsson Called Me Oliver Twist
But He Ain't Know How Dope It Is When Oliver Spits
Leave These MC's Calling It Quits, As Raw As It Gets
There's A Trail Of Broken Mics When Paul In This Bitch
I'm A Tell You This Once, I'm The Realest To Do It
Spit Crack, On A Track, One Of The Keys To My Music
See Me I'm The Rudest, You'll See Me With Rugers
When I'm With A Jaxx On A Track, It's Fact
We Leaving Freddy Scared
You'll Reach That Road Of Success When We Already There
Still I'll Stay Real, You Fake Like A Teddy Bear
Chase These MC's Out The Woods
You Know The Ones, That Be Saying They Bout The Hood
Or The Ones With Cash, Talking Bout They Swag
Cause They Can't Talk About The Talent They Have
Cause They Ain't Got None...


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