What More Can I Say Freestyle

I'm In The Booth, Going Off, Like I Should
Got Em All Scared, On The Mic I Am Suge
Slighting Amused
At All These MC's That Be "Shining", But They Ain't Lighting The Room
On The Mic Is Abuse, All Beats I Spit Lyrics On
Put My Soul In This Game, I Heard The Spirits Gone
Also I Heard Talents Dehydrated
Give Em More Spirits, Need I Say It
Me, I Saved It, The Beat I Slay It
Shock Em With The Rhymes, I'm So Eye Rasing
The Eye Of My Mind Storm, Ain't Reached It
So Just Know The Reign Ain't Over, Nah, It Ain't Peeked Yet
Should I Speak Yes
EP's Coming Soon, Losing The Wait, But I Don't Eat Less
What More Can I Say, We The Future Of The Game
TSmoove, And Kool, Get Used To The Names
It's Like I Got A Gift, But Had To Live Through A Curse
To Be Able To Say What I Spit In A Verse
And To Have This Hunger, For All The Respect
And To Make You Say That Paul Is The Next
You Think That You Better, No Sir I'll Roast You
You A Bitch, You Should Split, Like Rosa Acosta
On The Mic You Poser, A Closeted Fake
You Didn't Get Any Of These Lines, I'll Pause It And Wait
So I Can Give You A Chance To
Go On RapGenius To Get You The Answer
Nah, Fuck That You Wanksta
I Don't Say That I "Beez In The Trap"
Cause Rappers That Say That, I See Em As Wack
Get A Clue Flex, No, Don't Get At Clue Flex
You Misheard, You Fucking Stupid
No Ghost Writer, I Hold The Pen
I'm Like A Warden, Bitch, I Control The Pen
Hard Bars And Sentences
I'm In My Genesis
Time Period In The Game, You Witnesses
To A Kid That Be Spitting It
Like No Other In This Business Is
I'm So Far Ahead Of You, I'm Near Where The Finish Is
In Fact, I Am Where The Ending Is...

It's Over

There's Nothing More I Can Say,

First Impressions Coming Soon
Licensed To Trill By The End Of 2012
Classic. What Up Kool Rock!


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