Grammy Family Freestyle

I Arrive On The Scene, So Alive, Gotta Dream
Man, I Strive To Be King, No Surprise, You Ain't Seen
Nobody This Real, Nobody This Ill
Ask Kool Rock, Ain't Nobody As Trill
Set Fire To The Page, The Ink Is The Gasoline
No Other Can "Match" Me, So Labels, Don't Pass Me
Rappers Won't Bash Me
Cause They Know I Got Strength Like Bobby Lashly
Actually, I'm Stone Cold, With A Cold Flow
I Am So Grown, Oh No
That's What They Say When I Come Through
Cause They Know With Rhymes I Could Son You
"Capital Punishment" You, I'll Pun You
You Can Make Club Records But It Ain't Fun Dude
Cause The Real Talent, Being Over Shadowed
Under Hova Shadow?
(That's A SXSW Reference)
Everybody Wanna Be King, That's What Hov Said
But It Seems That Hunger So Dead
They Only Want That 1 Hit Record
Which Usually Amounts To 1 Shit Effort
You A Disaster On These Beats
But Me, I'm A Master On These Beats
"Hip-Hop Sucks" That's What I Hear
But Who's Gonna Be On You iPod in 5 Years
Crushing These Rappers, Like Jay Crushed The Building
2012, It's The New Russell Simmons
I Want Stop Till I Reach The Level
I Don't Wanna Seek That Devil
I'll Get It Myself, Not Selling My Soul
It's Quite High Where I'm Setting My Goals
My Realness, I Ain't Letting It Go
Got A Dream, But I Wont' Achieve It And Go
Cause I Love This Shit


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