Practise Makes Perfect Starts This Week + You Me, Him, Her Freestyle

"Click" Freestyle coming this Friday! 

It may not be perfect vocally, but lyrically? It's strong. This is the first entry in the "Practise Makes Perfect" series, which I will use to track my progression in recording my verse, in the lead up to the release of "First Impressions".

In the meantime, however, some lyrics.. Check back here Friday for the first entry! #PMP

I Used To Wanna Be Eminem
But I Don't Wanna Be Like Any Men
I Wanna Be Myself, That's Before Anything
I Wanna Be The Best, Unique, Something New
Not Something You, Have Seen A Million Time From A Another View
See I Could Get Money, And Rap My Bank Statement
But Honestly, To Me That Lacks Greatness
And Fuck Saying That I'm Living It Large
And Saying Lines Like: "I'm Spitting So Hard
I'm Like A Brick Wall" Yeah, That Defines You
Man, I Don't Get How These Labels Can Sign You
Or Better Yet, How They Find You
Confusing To Me
I Wish They Choose Talent, Than What They Choosing To See
I Guess Talent Doesnt Matter, We Losing MC's
That In Mainstream, Can Rap, Bring The Lyrics Back
And If Raps Dead, We Need To Bring The Spirit Back
Cause You Guys Songs Wack, And You're Flowing So Average
But I Make Great Records Like Joe With The Klassix
I'll Blow Your Mind Without Holding A Rachet
Me And Kool Working, We Moulding A Classic
That Licensed To Trill, And That First Impression
Let Me Stop Here, Let That Verse Digest In


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