New Music: "Click Freestyle"

Here it is! The first entry in the "Practise Makes Perfect" series. For the first week, the beat I'm going over is "Click", produced by DJ Premier, originally "Click" by Torae and Skyzoo. It isn't perfect, but as I said, this series will be tracking my work. Lyrics also below... Check it out and let me know what you think!

I Told Dudes They Should Never Have Let Me In
Cause When I Do, I Just Win, Like Jeremy Lin
Not Tebow, Cause He Ain't Win Anything Yet
But Like Lin, Cause I'm Hot Now And One Of The Best
Return Of The Next, Best MC, You Gonna Respect
Man, I Killed Alot Of Rappers, Who Wanna Be Next
Yeah, The Game Won't Be The Same, Once I Enter It
Drop Jewels All Over These Beats, You Better Treasure It, Cherish It
I Aint Seen It All Done It All, But In All
Honesty, I'm Better Than These Rappers That Have Won It All
Awards And Plaques?, But Talent's What They Lack
But They Make It All The Way, Cause They Managements Intact
Premo, You A Legend And This Beat's Retarded
But The Rap's Strong, So It Won't Defeat The Artist
Like Alot Of You MC's, Who Get A Hot Beat
But Come Off Sloppy, You Better Watch Me
And Jot These
Words Of Advice, My Verses Is Nice
But With No Substance, It's Worthless To Write
Any Bars, That You Thought Was Tight
Was Corporate Hype
You Don't Spit Hot Lines, But Me I Torch The Mic
Cause You't Can't Know Your Hot, When Surrounded By Yes Men
And Your Fans Is Your Parent, Best Friends
But Me I Got People That Critique Me
They Can Say What They Want, Man I Won't Take It Deeply
But You Take A Bitch Fit, And You Say They Haters
Put That Effort To Your Rhymes, Then You Could Be The Greatest
Take A Bitch Fit, Say That They Haters
Put The Effort To Them Tweets To Your Rhymes, You Could Be The Greatest


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