I Know Joe Did It, But... (Part 2)


I'll Admit It, Man, I'm Arrogant, I Take The Beat The Damage It
To The Point Where I Take The MC Off It, And Leave Em Disparaging
You Think Your Hot, But Top 5? You Won't See It
Like Jay On The Hottest MC List, Man, Believe It
I'm Trying Elevate My Status, And Cash Flow
And Respect Levels, In This Game, But It's Moving Mad Slow
But Practice Makes Perfect, And I'm Willing And Patient
You Say The Top Feels Great, Well I'm A Kill The Sensation
No Sing Song Hook, Only One Is My Right Fist
Feeling Type Pissed, While I'm Sitting Here As I Write This
Cause Alot You Rappers, Ain't Deserveing Of Your Spot
All Them Verses That You Jot, Is Really A Worthless Drop
Curtains Dropped, Said Your Real, But Now You Act Different
Cause Your Life, From How You Portray In Raps Different
Gats Spitting? No, You Aint Never Held A Gun In Your Life
Your 15 Minutes is Up, Did You Have Fun In The Light?
The One On The Mic, That Kills It, Dawg, I'm Rocking It Right
I'll Say That You Aight, On the Day I Say That Flocka is Nice
If Em And Royce is Bad Meets Evil, Then Me And Trill is Crazy
Meets Insane, Gonna To Take The Game When We Drop Listen Baby
Beats Insane, Rhymes Is To, And The Concept Is Great
Bout To Make The Vets All Say, That We The Next, Okay!


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