First Impressions Coming...


2012, It's Time To Separate The Realness From The Fake
What I See Is A Disgrace, I'm A Steal Of Your Plate
You Don't Deserve The Money That You Getting
Get Rid Of You, Her And Him And Those Raps You Penning
You Lack The Many, Factors To Be A Rapper
You On That Pop Shit, But I Ain't Talking Clappers
Take Your Position Like Flex Steals Exclusives
The Best, Thats Including, The Vets, I'm Improving
Since The Day That I Got That Dream, And Pursued It
But, Fuck, I Know Those Verses Back Then Were Sewage
Material, But As I Grew Up, My Talent Built
Now My Rapping Skill, Is More Than Average, Kill
All of These Beats That I'm Given
Murder One's What I'm Committing
Heard of Son? Yeah He's Committed
Always Work, Until He's Finished
This Hip-Hop Shit, The Top Is My Destiny
Give You The Best Of Me So I Can Leave A Legacy
Disturbing The Peace, Got My I/Eye On Some Twenties
But I'll Freestyle The Truth, Before I Lie For Some Benjis
On The Mic I'm The Craziest
Got God In Me, So I Could Turn An Athiest
Kill Every Beat Of Songs On Your Playlist, Shit
Y'all Know I Just Slayed This Shit!

And You Know I'm Right... #Trill


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