My Mind Today (Light Up Freestyle)

I Just Got The News, 22nd The 3rd
Can't Remember What Time, Just Remember What I Heard
But We Was All Ready, We Knew That It Would Happen
Which Lead To It Being Less Tragic
So All I Can Say Is Rest In Peace, In Our Hearts You Stay
Guess In Life You Fulfilled Your Part To Play
But I Gotta Fulfil Mine, I'm No Where Near Done
Hopefully The Albums Out By The Time The Years Done
I Can See In the Future, So I Know The Seer Won
This Games Full of Fakes, I'm The Sincere Son
Sitting At Home, A Genius At Work
My Family is Struggling I Need This To Work
But I Know I Won't Succeed Of A Verse
So I'll Work At It Till I'm Seeing A Hearse
And Even if I Make A Mil, The Hunger Won't Finish
Cause I Want The Respect of Who's Gon Listen
And I Promise To Deliver You Heat Rocks
Even Though My Albums Coming Out With Detox
See, I Never Lie, I "Keep It Thorough"
Young "Prodigy", Paul, Coming "Live From The 'Burgh"
Let's Go!


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