We Found Love

Since it's Valentines day, I thought this would be appropriate to release....

Can't Believe I Found Love Like This
So Glad That I Can Call You My Miss
This Is More Than Love Girl, This Is Bliss
You're My Addiction, Girl I Need My Fix
Now Girl, For You, I Won't Tone This Down
But I Just Want You To Know This Now
And I'd Rather Spit It In A Verse
Kick Out All The Hurt
Bring In All The Passion
Now Listen To What I'm Rapping
Found Love In A Hopeless Place
I Thought Us Together Was A Hopeless Case
But We Had A Connection, It Seems Like Perfection
Cupid Must Have Hit Us With A Sniff-N-Wesson
Cause Emotions So Strong
And You Can Just Tell This By The Song
You A One Of Kind, Wonderful Dime
Wonderful I'm, With You
And There's No One Else I'd Rather Be With
You Can Have My Heart, Yeah, Go Ahead Keep It


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