I Know Joe Did It, But...


Everybody Taking Shots, But I Ain't Playing That
Mainly, Cause I Can't Tell Who They Aiming At
Take Away The Silencer An Maybe I Can Aim It Back
Cause If You Dissing Me, I Can Spay Shit Back
If I Do, They Laying Flat
Cause This Kid Vishis, Like 5'9" Brother
Now Take The Force Of These Five Nines, Sucka
But It Seems That's This Industry, Made Up of Bitches And
Nobody Wants Real, Man The Games Fucked, They Listening
To A Dude Subliminally Dissing A Vet
If I Was Drake, I Would Honestly Just Dismiss The Threat
And Everybody Wants To Hop On The Throne
Instead of Watching The Throne
They All Think They Worth Of A Spot Of They Own
But I Doubt That
They Say That They "Warriors", They Ain't "Bout" That
And Say They On The Road Of Success, Well Where The Route At
Point It Out, Yeah, Show Me The Direction
Cause It Aint A Narrow Path, Dawg, You Gonna Learn That Lesson
As I Chill, Right Here, Recollecting
It Seems I'm Only Real Dude, In My Section
Minus A Few, But None Of Us Are Perfection
Especially In A World Were You Always Under Inspection
They Got High Standards, Some of 'Em I Ain't Reaching
But Really You're Respect Isn't Something That I'm Seeking
Alot Of Times I Don't Feel Like Speaking
Just Get A Pen And Pad, Go Through My Mind And Go Deep And
Say How I Feel, I Don't Care How Y'all React
To The Rap, On The Track, Man, I Only State The Facts
And I Know Against Me? All The Odds Is Stacked
But When That Licensed To Trill Drop, They All Gon' Retract
Cause The Beats From Kool Rock, And My Rhymes Combined
A Classic Gon Me Made, That's My Lines Defined
"Listen Baby" I'll Run The Game Forever
They Say They Reign Started Well I'm A Change The Weather


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