Sweet Freestyle

My Mind State, I Go Around It On The Train Of Thought
Get Fly On That Mental Plane, I Caught
Ironically, My Brain Is Lost
But Still Spit Dope, I Never Gain A Loss
Insane Ofcouse, Y'all Made Of Force
Of Crazy, Now The Game Is Pauls
Trying To Get To Fucking Top, With This Raw Flow
It's Easy Cause Rappers Are Like Gary, Setting The Bar Low
Take That, (Yeah!) Wack MC's Diminish
Sweet MC's, You Finished
By The Time, I End This
My Song's And Verses Perfect
So Perfect That Should Purchase
Not Purchase Them Rappers Spitting Worthlessness
Show 'Em Curtains Kid
Out Of These Dudes Rapping, There Ain't None Better Boy
You Seem Em As Rappers, I See Em For Uses Of Metaphors
Quite Clever How I Combine Lines
To Design Lines, Like Mines
You Need An Einstein Mind
Off The Charts Flow, Literally
Cause My Skills To Complex, And They Slow, Lyrically
Plus All These Sucka MC's, They Sweet
They Won't Compete
Diss Someone Then Get Like Shaggy: "It Wasn't Me"
Retract All Statements, Say We Took It The Wrong Way
Really, Well Why Don't We Listen, And Let That Song Play
Now Go Ahead, Admit It
Admit That You Dissed Em
Give Us An Explanation And Maybe We'll Forget It
Or Sometimes, Sweet MC's Become The Target
Talked Hard Before, But When Confronted? You Run The Farthest
Delete Tweets, That Ain't Beef
That's Just A Dude That's Sweet


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