I Still Love H.E.R.

I Look At The Game Now, And What They Spit Suck's
It's Gonna Take Me And Rawb To Tear Shit Up
And Spit Some Classic To Make They Hair Lift Up
Give Em Goosebump's, While We Kill All These Loose Chump's
Homie What Your Spitting I'm Not Feeling It
But Everywhere I Go I'm Constantly Hearing It
On The Radio, Wack Shit Has Dominance
It's Like It Ain't Fucking With Good Music, Like Consequence
Sick Spitter
Sicker Than Kreayshawn Naked Picture's
Or Frankie Boyle On Twitter
The Ripper Of The Device
The Killer, Of These Mic's
You Feel This, Cause I'm Nice
You Diss? Should Have Throught Twice
Cause I'm A Manic, Savage
Attacker Of Rapper's
That Think They Above Average
But Really Park Backwards
Sit Back Basterd's
And Take Note's
Cause What You're Spitting Is Over Used, Drake Flow
I Spit Crack With Every Rhyme I've Drawn
But You Can't Even Handle One Pound Of Raw
So I Really Do Kill With One Verse
And Disperse Of The Worthless
On This Earth With No Purpose
With These Lyrics I'm Killing This
Syllabus Said I Was Villainous
With Syllables I Be Spitting, Shit
The Lines From My Mind, They Limitless
Like I Took The Pill From Eddie Morra
Some Rappers, I'd Applaud 'Em
But, Some Of Them Are Wack
They Can't Rap
I Can't Feel It, And I Ain't Took Antistatic
But, I Don't Fret It, Me And Rawb We Gon' Dead It
So Now Hip-Hop Can Be A Little 'Bit Better
But Right Now, The Wackest Get The Most Money
But What's Funny
Is That, They Ain't Worth The Check
And With Lyrics I Could Murk They Set
While Rapping Over This Beat, They Hurt They Neck
But Some Fan's Can't Fathom
The Talent And Passion
That MC's Put Into Rapping
And It's Sad But It Happen's
But Within All That
I Still Love Rap
So Why Don't You Sit Back, Relax, And Pay Attention
As I Spit Facts In Raps, That's My Intention
This Is An Art
I Paint Pictures With Word's From The Heart
And Turn Into Another Life Form
Whenever The Mic's On
Like CM Punk I Turn It To A Pipe Bomb
People Think This Rap Shit Doesn't Live
Well We Here To Show Y'all That It Really Is
No Matter What Shall Occur
This Game's Still Alive, And I Still Love Her


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