Simba Freestyle

Young Simba, Waiting For My Maine To Grow
I Said That Line Before, So You Already Know
I'm Just Waiting For The Crown, The Thrown
I Look Down Below
I Don't See None Of Y'all In My Line Of Vision
This Time I'm Spitting
Dope Rhyme's That I've Written
Hungry But I Ain't Gotta Raid The Kitchen
I'm Raiding The Game, Listen
Taking That Main Position
Killing All Opposition
That Ain't Feeling The Composition
That I've Created
They Hate It, That I'm Gon' Slay It
This Industry, I'm Take It
Like Somebody's Phone And Frape It, Ha
Spitting Lithium Rounds
Up In The Lyricist Lounge
Bring The Rawkus Like Wu-Tang
Who Can
Fuck With The Undeniable
Manical, It Ain't Advisable
For You Test, Realness In The Flesh
Cause If I Say I Kill You, Then Your Career's In A Mess
Don't Second Guess, The Weaponless
I'll Still Burn Your Ass, Pause
You Ain't Real Like Clause
Trying To Bring My Downfall
I Just Make It Thunder And Storm
What An Applause
They Give Me, Cause I'm Simply-
The Best, Ask Tina Turner
The New Boy Wonder
No Drake Producer
I'm The Future
Motived Presently By My Past
Teaching You, But In No Class
That Don't Add Up, But I Teaching Math
This The Craft Called Rap
J Cole Rolled With His Killa Flow
On This Beat, Did Y'all Know?
That Someone Else Could Do The Same Thing
Y'all Lame, Fuck Word's, I Could Kill You With Thought's
They Motherfucker's Thought They Could Put Me In A Box
But It Ain't Work Out Like A Fat Thick
My Rhyme's Are Real, Y'all Shit Is Plastic
Basically You Made With What Your CD's Rapped In
I Think That's It, I'm Done, Young Simba's Left The Building
But I'll Be Back Soon, When You Chilling
I'll Creep Up, And Kill It, You Feel It
Everything That I'm Spitting
Simba, Signing Off


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