Just An Opinion: Watch The Throne Review

Who knew watching the throne could be fun. Well kinda boring sometimes.

At midnight, New York time, Jay-Z And Kanye West unveiled to the world their collaboration album "Watch The Throne". It's weird to say that, cause usually we're introduced to an album by a (insert illegal download site) link. Well I was. Anyway.

The first thing I have to say about this album is that there are no features by rappers. This doesn't seem like a problem, and it didn't to me at first. But, I can't help but think how great it would have been to have Nas on a track, possibly change up "The Joy" and put Nas on it. J. Cole should have definitely got a feature. With his debut about to drop, a feature would have been great for Cole. Then again, Jay-Z probably doesn't even remember Jay Electronica (Yes, Jay, the guy that made "Exhibit C", you made an appearance on "Shiny Suit Theory", remember?). I also think Beanie Sigel on this album would have been amazing. Imagine him just appearing on that tracklist after the fuckery that's been taking place.

Anyway, I'll stop the feature talk, let me get into my thoughts about the album.

I've listened to the album twice, now on my third, and so far, I either like or love the majority of this album. The rest I would class as just not song's I can get in or song's I just don't like or care for.

"No Church In The Wild" is one of the songs I love. It is a fantastic way to begin the album with Odd Future member Frank Ocean. This song is not just a great start to the album, but would be a great way to start the show at the "Watch The Throne Tour" coming to a city (in the US) near you! I instantly loved this song, and I think this will be one of the song's that I will return to. I'm not going to do a whole "who had the best verse" thing, because Jay has said that there is no competition in this album, this isn't a Bad Meets Evil album (He never said that btw). The next song I won't spend much time on...

"Lift Off". Now a song with Beyonce, you would expect to be INCREDIBLE AND JUST OMG AMAZING CAUSE THE QUEEN IS ON IT!! Then again, we are all not Beyonce stan's. Actually, Beyonce is the best thing about this song. I really do love the hook, but the verses I just don't care for. Kanye singing wasn't that good and Jay's verse isn't memorable, but hey, who know's, it may grow on me. But this song to Beyonce fans is INCREDIBLE, but to me, it's meh.

"Niggas In Paris" Is one of the song's I also love. I can't explain it but the song is just really enjoyable, the beat is great in my opinion and I think Jay and Kanye came correct. Espcacially the start of Kanye's first verse. That was funny, Kanye on his ignorant shit is always funny. Next song is "Otis" but we all know about this song, so on to the next.

"Gotta Have It" is a decent song. I could do without it, but then again, we wouldn't have the famous "Planking on a mill" which did make me laugh, I can't lie. The "Rack's" line was something I hated though, that annoyed me, but overall, this song has to grow on me.

Now, back to some good music. "New Day" is a great song, I liked how honest Kanye was, especially the last line of his verse: "And I'll never let is mom move to LA/Knowin' she couldn't take the pressure, now we all pray" which refers to Kanye's mother moving to LA, and not being able to handle the pressure and wanted to fit in (props to RapGenius for that) Jay also get's deep, saying he doesn't want to be like his father. Overall, one of the very high points of the album.

"That's My Bitch" is another song I have always loved and hearing the full version is great. It definitely didn't disappoint and Kanye and Jay drop dope verses. The hook by Elly Jackson is also something I love, and veryt catchy.

Remember how I said about Beanie Sigel being on this album, well this is the song he should have been on if he was...

Swizz Beatz provides a great beat on "Welcome to the Jungle" and Kanye and Jay do a good job talking about the darkside of living the high life. I can see Beanie Sigel on this beat and just fucking killing it alongside Kanye and Jay. Again another high point and a favourite. I never thought this at first but after another listen, I loved it.

"Who Gon Stop Me" is next, and what can I say. Taking Flux Pavilion's "I Can't Stop" and going in on it, is just dopeness. I was introduced to this song (I Can't Stop) by a friend and really loved it, so of course I will love this song. the beat is so crazy and I like Kanye and Jay on it. This will do well in the club's.

Now here come's the song where half of it is is my favourite song of the album and is one of the most powerful, "Murder to Excellence". I want to try and keep this short, I can't say anything bad about the first half of "Murder to Excellence". Kanye comparing the murder rates in Iraq to the Chicago and also saying "41 souls were lost in 50 hours" was very powerful. One of the better songs on this album and doesn't really make me care for the next half because it would be hard to top the "Murder" side, but I understand why it is there, and the "Excellence" part is still good.

"Made In America" is a fantastic song and Frank Ocean again sounds great. I know now Tyler's phone is going to be going crazy with everyone wanting Frank on their song, and I'm happy about that. I like the line from Kanye saying: "Niggas hustle every day for a beat from Ye/What I Do? Turn around have them beats to Jay". Another solid song, and now Frank is 2/2!

Now, the conclusion of "The Throne". I'm not going to review the bonus cuts cause this review is long enough, I'll leave them for now. The last song is "Why I Love You" With, what is claimed, Mr. Hudson. I love this song, and I also love the last few lines where Jay and Kanye spit a line each, I feel that that was a great way to end the song and also album as a whole.

Conclusion: Honestly, I do like this album, and just reviewing it now and listening in full for the 3rd time makes me like it more. But all the money and stunting (yeah, I call it that) talk can get repetitive, but being honest, they do it well. These are two very rich rappers, talking about money to them is like Em and Royce just spitting crazy shit, and I respect them. Wiz did say it, that if you lived that life, what else can you rap about, and it does hurt me to say that Wiz is right. Overall, I do like this album, but it is no classic or amazing album, it's just a good album, and I feel that for the £10.99 I spent on it, I got my money's worth.

Sidebar: I think Success Is Certain is a great album.


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