Red Nation Freestyle

If You With Me Throw Your Motherfucking Hands In The Sky
If You Ready To Ride
Diss Me, Then I'm A Send The Machete To Fly
Son Of Satan, I Got Red In My Eyes
Like A Gun To A Rasta, Yeah, You Should Be Dreading To Die
Preparing To Die, When I Come Through
Got Red On My Tee, But I Ain't Shouting Soo Woo
You MC's Say You Packing Mac's In The Back Of An Acura
But That That's Not Accurate
You Probably Take It From The Back Of You
Faggot We Laugh At You
Thinking That You Can Fuck With Us
I'll Throw You Under The Bus
Like Sony Did To Tribe
Who Am I? The Future
So Cold I Can't Be Frozen By Medusa
The Executer, Bring Death To You, Spit Like A Rugar
Manoeuvre, Silently Like A Cougar
Then Strike, Stick A Jack Knife In Your Wind Pipe
Then Leave A Stick Of Dynamite
Then You'll Know What It's Like To Blow
With The Mic I Flow, Wow
You MC's Can't Hold A Handle To My Raps
Cause It'll Melt The Wax


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