Second Place Freestyle

I Don't Want A Run In This Game, But A Life Long Marathon
Where My Last Sprint, Is When I'm Close To Being Dead And Gone
I Ain't Said It All, So Don't Think You Can Do What You Did To The Dream
To Me, Cause I Want Credit Y'all
Is That To Much To Ask In This Game
When Lyric's Are As Relevant As T-Pain
My Look Is Insane, Smile Of Mason
Eye's Of Kuklinski, And Body Of Satan
You Sleeping On Me? Well I Gotta Change My Name To Jason
And Invade Your Dreams, Your Opinion Will Be Changed Then
I'm Cooky, Even If I Don't Make It Past That Atlantic
The Show Goes On Like Lupe
It's Written In The Star's
That Compared To Me, These MC's Are Tiny When It Come's To Spitting Bars


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