Downfall Freestyle

They Say Live Fast, Die Young
Well Shit, Before I'd Rather Live Young, Die Fast
But That's All In My Past
All The Bullies Used To Whip My Ass
Verbally Punish Me
I Don't Know What I Did Man, Honestly
But It Was Like Every Where I Went They Caused Harm To Me
That Lead To A Decease In My Comradery
I Tried Handle It
Challenge It, But That Lead To More Damages
The More I Tried To Tackle It
It Lead To More Punishment
Now I'm Trying To Figure Out Where The Fuck The Gun Is At
I'm Going Mental, Point The Metal To My Temple
It Nearly Got To That, It Was That Stressful
I Kinda Felt Revengeful
But I Wasn't The Violent Type
More Of The Sit In Back Of Class, Silent Type
But I Had It All In Me, I Was Vibrant, Might
Of Unleashed, The Beast I Had Deep Inside
You Look Right Into My Eye's
You'll See That, But Also Someone That Doesn't Wanna Be Alive
Those Dark Day's, I Don't Like To Reflect
So I Try To Forget, And Not Let
Those Demon's Reach Me
My Heart Is Concrete, Yet They Still Breach Me
They Trying To Bring My Downfall
They Sometimes Succeed, Make Me Lower Than The Ground Floor
Buried In The Basement, All Alone And Facing
This Bullshit, I Don't Think I Can Take This
But I Don't Think You Could
Last Two Day's In My Past Day's Shoe's
To See My View, Look What They Do


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