Motown 25 Freestyle

I End The Lives, Of These Guy's, Surprise, Bringing They Demise
Liars Die, You Wanna Freestyle, You Gotta Pay, Like Wi-Fi
In Starbuck's, My Bar's Nuts, I Flow Donut's, In You Home, So What
That Mean's, I'm Coming Round To Your Area
Causing Mass Hysteria, Lyrically Bury Ya
Tearing Ya, Spot Up, With Lyrcal Bomb-Shells
You Know I Do It Supreme Like Clientèle
Battle Me, Try Then Fail, Flow Excell
From The Bottom To The Top, It Ain't Hard To Tell
Like Nas, Illmatic, Killing These Beat's I'm Still At It
So Tragic, Clapping Lyrical Bullet's At These Rappers
They Raps Are Parc Backward's
But Once I'm Threw With Em They Absent
They Was Never Hot, Not Even In The Past, Yes
I'm Writing Future Classic's
That'll Be Quoted, In Hip-Hop History It's Noted
Card's Never Folded, I Never Give Up
Like I Never Gave A Fuck, Made This Cut
Cold As Ice, Flow Precise, On The Mic
Dough Is Light, Time To Increase It
Got Shit On My Mind, Might Aswell Release It
Unleashing The Beast, Better Get The Priest
There's A Demon In 'Em Concelling A Weapon In His Jean's And
That 9 He Ain't Afraid To Aim It
His Body Count Is Bigger Than The Forehead On Matt Damon
Trying To Take 'Em, He Got Ties With Satan
That'll Lift The Ground Up And Shake It
I'm Just Playing, But If Someone Tries To Take Me On
I'll Lay Em Down On They Front Lawn
To Prove I'm Much Strong-er
Sipping Shandy, Bumping That Kanye And Brandy
Y'all Can't Bring Me Down, Not Even Atmosphere
There's Not An Atlas Here
That Can Find Where I'm Stationed
Cause I'm Up In The Constellations
Talking To MJ Bout When He Was Alive
And He Re-Enacting The Dance From Motown 25


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