Let 'Em Know What It's Like

[Verse One:]
A Little Kid With A Brother
With A Loving Father And A Mother
But The Rescission, Was Messing With The Situation
Of What We Facing, Lead To A Struggle In The Relation-
Ship, Loss Of Money, Let To Some Drama
They Used To Be Fine, But Now It Was Trauma-
Tizing, The Fighting, Fire Was Igniting
Sparks Flying, Mums Crying

Once I Get On The Mic
You Gon' Know What It's Like

[Verse Two:]
It Was Wordwide, The 2.0 Great Depression
Stocks Decreasing, There Wasn't Much Progression
All Cause These Bankers Had An Obsession
With They Money, Funny
These People Still Get A Raise, Dummy
That Don't Make No Sense, But So Was The Government
Funding For Bombing Innocents, Doesn't It
Seem Weird They Care For Other's
And Not Helping They Own Brother's
When They Suffer

Once I Get On The Mic
You Gon' Know What It's Like

[Verse Three:]
They Digging In That Iraq Soil To Find Oil
They Either Running Out Of Money Or Just Spoiled
They Foiled A Plan, Said They Had WMD's
But Kept Beating On Innocents Like Producers On MP's
Excuses, Excuses, Power Misused, Issues
That They Bring Up Isn't True, Like What They Say On Fox News
I'm Just Letting You See The Truth, Providing You With It
You Won't Get That On The News, So I'm Committed, To..

Getting On The Mic
And Letting You Know What It's Like


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