Deep Freestyle

I'm The Truest You Knew This, In My Rhyme's I Proved It
No Chopped And Screwed Music
But It's Deep. You Hear The Real Shit I Speak
Never Keep, Anything Held Back, I Know You Seeking
That Real Rap, Well You Gonna Receive It
When I Flow, I Go So In Depth, You Felt, Everyword Said
It Hits You Hard Like A Bullet Shell. You Slip And Fell
Cause The Rhyme Knocked You Off Your Feet
You Obsolete, A Fad, I'm Glad, Your Reign Is Over
Now Can Only Dream Big Like That Song From Hova
And Only Way You Getting Luck Is A Four Leaf Clover
Luck Of The Irish, You Lost A Crowd Like Don Imus
You MC's To This Game Are Like A Virus
I'm Cleaning It Out Like Anti-Spyware
My Music Is Crack, To Get You High You Don't Need A Flight Fair
Hi There, You Can't Hide, Wherever You Do, You'll Die There
Warning, That Last Guy That Dissed Me, He Left This Bitch Tipsy
Cause I Cut His Right Leg Off And Made Him Down Three Bottles Of Whisky
You Can Miss Me With That Bullshit, That Don't Flinch Me
But I'll Have You Shaking Like You In A Rave With Elipsy
I'll "Pusha T" Back With "Malice", With No "Clipse" See
But I Do Spit Lyrical Bullet's, I Get To It
With The Quickness, You Dead Before You Can Even Pull It
I'll Life Your Wig Up, But I Ain't Talking Bout A Mullet
I Life Live To The Fullest, You'll Die Trying To Do It
My Knowledge Is Deep, Real Talk I'm Fluent
When I The Beat Begins, I Sink In The Ink From My Pen


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