Exxes Freestyle

I'm Not Saying Name's, So Far Rhyme Sake Let's Say Mona
Meet Her At The Store I
Began Conversating, Ended With A Number To Phone Her
Diddn't Even Think That I Would Ever Even Bone Her
But Within A Week, I Had Her On Her Knee's
Begging Please, I'm Like Jeez
It's Gotten This Far In Such A Short Time
I Don't Know Why, But She Constantly On My Mind
And She Say's The Same, My Name Running Round Her Brain
I Guess Love At First Sight Does Exist
But I'm Paranoid, I'm Thinking When Her Love's Gonna Exit

We Be In The Shower That's When She Be Getting Louder
Mount Her On Me, Then We Start Fucking For Hours
I Said I Could "Go All Night", She Said "It's Alright
Just Keep Fucking Me Until The Sunlight" Then She Be..

I Thought She Was Into Me
She Went From My Soul Mate To My Number One Enemy


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