Shook Ones Freestyle

This For The Real Hip-Hopers
Government Try To Stop Us
But, We Ever Ever Lasting, Like We Mastered
Eternal Living, See My Vision
When You Listen
Conditioned A Phsyco, Cause My Rap Flow's
Is Cold Like Frozen Trifle
When I Spit I'm Like A Rifle
Kill The Enemies Dead, Aim At The Head, Blast 'Em
Notorious, No Opponent's Kid
Victorious, Always Winning, No Losing
Abusing The Microphone When I Use It
Got A Love For Hip-Hop Music
That's My Passion, At 13 Begun Rapping
Being Honest I Was Wack, But What Happened
I Progressed, Over Time With My Rhyme's
Thinking Up Sick Lines In My Mind
Memorized 'Em, Combined Them To A 16
Now I'm Chasing A Dream, To Be The Illest
That's The Realest, Killa Shit, Flow Murderous
But We Move In Silence So You Probably Never Heard Of Us
You Are Style Buggerers, I Create My Own Shit
Paint My Own Portrait, Stay True To Myself That's Important
To Stay Real, You Gotta Keep It A Hundred
That Was Rap Back Then, But Now All Of A Sudden
That Ain't Needed, With My Pen I Bleed In
To The Paper, I Stay Being The Realest That's Doing This
Who In This, Game Shows You Pain Like This


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