Greatness (Power Freestyle)

I'm Living In The 31st Century, Futuristic Rap Flow
As Time Goes, I Grow, Improve With My Rhyming
It's Timing, Growing More Older And Bolder
And Finding Out What I Was Given By The Beholder

They Say No One Man Should Have All This Greatness
But I Say Fuck It, This Is Just How God Made Us
If He Ain't Want Us To Have It, Then We Wouldn't
Doubted Me You Shouldn't, When I Flow You Gon' Know

It's The Chosen One, Standing Next To This Beat With A Loaded Gun
I'm About To Kill It, Really I'm The Illest
God Gave Me Flow, The Technique
To Wreck This Beat, Not Dumbing Down
Fuck Ya Clowns, Doing That You Can't Rap
Saying You Strapped With Gats, You Cant Even Bust Nuts (Pause)
But I Don't Give A Fuck, Rap Is In My Blood, Heart Pumping In My Vein's
Is The Love For This Game, Tell You Bout The Pain
In Rapping, What Happened, Back Then
A Struggle A Had To Come Up With
Grow Up With, But God Blessed Me
I Just Diddn't See, Till Later
Now I Wave Bye To Haters
Middle Finger, Flip It To The Critics
Killing Em With Lyrics
Deadly Sentences, Show Em How They Messing With
And Word Play That Blows The Brain, So Insane
You Ain't In My Lane, Lame
Go Ahead Leave The Game
I Set It Off Like Big Daddy Kane
Raw Lyricism, Taken No Prisoners


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