Body Ya Freestyle

I Got A Killa Flow, But No Jail Fortunately
Even Though I'm Known To Send MC'S To The Mortuary
Relentless, You Shouldn't Test This
On Wax, You Better Fall Back, Or I'll End You
Pretend You, Nice, But When The Cut Drops You Sliced
Into Pieces, The Talk Is Ceased
Enemies Deceased, Rest In Peace And
Flowers Get To Sending, On The News You Mentioned
Another Fatal Victim, Someone Who Won't Listen
Keep On Dissing And Yapping Ya Mouth
You'll Be Found Slouched On Your Couch
Suicide Cause You Couldn't Handle The, Damge Ya
Gained, With Words I Bring Pain In Both Ways
Death Wish To Lames, On They Suicide Note It's My Name
And Aso Be True To You, Two Sides Of Pain, But
Metaphorically Speaking, Your Career Will Be Left Deceased And

Theres Nothing You Can Do, Bo Ho
Another MC's Career Ended, Nothing Can Be Done To Mend It
Once You Diss Me, Then I'm A Say Bye To Ya
If Flow Can Kill Ya, Then Mine, Will Body Ya


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