HiiiPoWeR Freestyle

Visions Of Everybody Staring At Me
On Top Of This Game, Status Is Legendary
Known To Be A Visionary, Every Beat And Verse I Bury
Stay A Hip-Hop Mercenary Till I'm Dead And In A Mortuary
Fighting The System, Bleeding My Heart From This Pencil
The Spirit Of Pac Spitting, Big Listening To My Writens
Guru Reading My Lyrics, This As Real As It Get's
When I Spit, I Spit Real Shit
Like, Who Said There Isn't A Illuminati Existing
Not Fiction They Listening To Everything You Spitting
There's A High Power That Brought Down The Tower's
Made Us Watch As They Spoke There Vow's
Just Look At The Evidence, And Wow
It's Like A Cover-Up, They Don't Wanna Us To See The Truth
I'm Trying To Be A Voice For The Youth
But They Blasting That Soulja Boy Juice
It's Like Realness Has Disappeared
To Tell The Truth They Scared
But, My Mind's Of The Slave Ship
I'm Building My Own Pyramids, Writing My Own Hieroglyphics


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