Celebration Freestyle

It's Nearly Time For Celebration, Across Every Other Nation
Watch The Manifestation, I Got A Fascination, For Hip-Hop
Always Grinding, Working Hard To The Tip Top
Never Be Able To Stop Me, You Can Try, But Succeed? I Think Not
I May Not Change The World, But Maybe Inspire Some To Do It, That's 2Pac
Quotable's, Showing You That I'm Socially Conscious And Aware
For The Future I Am Fully Prepared
Any Future Endeavor, Weather Any Storm, Forever More
Stay True To You, Never Lie And Also Respect To The Lord
Thank You For Blessing Me With This, Talent With Writen's
You Are Now Bearing Witness
To Lyrical Murder, I Think You Heard Of
This Kid, He Sick With, His Rhymes
Spit Crack, Just Like Cocaine Lines
And Who Am I? That Child
On The Mic I Get Wild
And I Promise I'm A Make It
And That Day Will Call For A Celebration


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